Why does my company need a mobile application?

The importance that the mobile applications market has acquired in recent years is not new. According to an IDC study, in 2015, 20,000 million app downloads were reached, figures far removed from the 5,500 million reached in 2011. But the relevance of the mobile market is not supported only by forecasts. At the beginning of April Canalys announced that during the first quarter of 2013 the number of app downloads grew by 11% compared to the last quarter of 2012. Nothing more and nothing less than 13.4 billion app downloads occurred from January to March of this year.

Anyone would think that these figures are, without a doubt, a more than convincing argument to remove from doubt those companies that are still reluctant to create mobile applications related to their activity. However, it is important to understand the advantages that mobile applications can bring to companies.


Promotion and sales

Above all, mobile tools can become a good communication channel between corporations and their customers. Instantly and from anywhere, users can access all brand information, as long as they have a minimal internet connection. Given the penetration that mobile applications have achieved among users, companies can use them for fast and, above all, very effective communication.


Because of the possibility, they offer to reach a large number of users, mobile applications can become a good showcase for the brand. For this reason, these programs are a good element of promotion and marketing, cheap and, above all, more enduring in the time that marketing campaigns.

Thanks to this feature, companies can use mobile applications as sales channels. Companies can offer their products and services to customers through these tools. Likewise, they can convert the app into a sales product, monetizing it with in-App payments or determining its price within the Marketplaces themselves.


Mobile applications for mobile presence

Mobile presence is essential today. Smartphones and tablets are two important channels for disseminating content for customers. For this reason, it is important to be in the users’ mobiles.


The applications facilitate the extension of companies to the mobile field. It is true that having a good mobile website is important, but mobile applications help complement the mobile strategy. In addition, they are usually easier and more comfortable to use than mobile web, they allow the use of the device’s functionalities – such as the camera or geolocation – and most of them do not need an internet connection that is too powerful, as it happens with web pages adapted to mobile terminals.


Mobile tools provide a presence in a mobile environment that grows by leaps and bounds. In addition, having well-positioned apps in the most popular mobile app stores – such as Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play – can make organic searches from mobile phones increase, contributing to the improvement of SEO positioning.


Mobile apps? Yes, but how?

Due to the boom that the mobile market has acquired – and will acquire -, mobile applications are indispensable instruments that must be part of the companies’ strategies to reach their customers. Underestimating the mobile presence of companies means losing an important communication and dissemination channel and with it a large percentage of the target audience.

Before developing a mobile application, it is important to study the market, be clear about what kind of users you want to reach and observe the competition. Differentiating from rivals is also important in the field of mobile applications. Only following these steps will create the application that the company needs. Mobile app

In case you’re still not sure why someone would want to build their own mobile development, we describe 8 main benefits in adopting this technological solution.


1 – Presence and improvement in the extended customer experience

Statistics show that the average user spends more than two hours a day on his mobile device. So far this year, 205.4 BILLION Apps have been downloaded worldwide.


2 – Be available and visible to customers at all times

Being present in the dynamics of the Apps within a mobile device is an advantage for your company, for 2 reasons, one is that even a well-designed icon of an application, as well as, each image and text that appears on the screen generates a registration in our almost permanent mind, resulting in the priority choice of your product or service, at the moment when the need appears in the panorama of our potential consumer. And the second; Regardless of the time, day, or date we will always be available to our captive and potential consumers.


3 – Create a direct communication channel with your consumers

Applications have many business objectives: they can provide general information, pricing, booking forms, search functions, user accounts, chats, news sources and much more. One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile application is that all the information you would like to provide to your customers, (including promotions and special sales), is at your fingertips. Through notifications, you are getting closer to a direct interaction, and you can easily remind customers of your products and services when convenient.


4 – Digitalization of the loyalty program

Instead of sticking to the old point collection card, make it possible for your customers to get their rewards through their mobile application. What will result in, more downloads, more followers, word of mouth recommendation and regular consumption of their customers?

5 – Brand building and recognition

A mobile application for your business can greatly contribute to the awareness of your brand. I would like to divide this topic into two aspects, whose combination will make your mobile development successful:


Brand. A mobile application is like a blank ad. You can do whatever you want with it; You can make it elegant, modern, functional, impressive or informative. But in an optimal development what should be done is to create an application that has extraordinary features in functionality, design, and usability that ‘fall in love’ with its customers.

Recognition. The more customers get involved with your application, they will feel inclined to buy your product or service. This in marketing is called “effective frequency”: listening and / or seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will really make it memorable and important.

6 – Improve customer engagement

It doesn’t matter if you are coffee or shoes, your customers need a way to communicate with you. Having a messaging function (or help center) within your application can really make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. It should be considered that currently,  heavy users ’or frequent users of digital technology prefer to communicate in the form of chat rather than talking on the phone.


7 – Stand out from the competition

Mobile applications at the small business level are still rare, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors. This is a great area of ​​opportunity to develop a value for your company, differentiating yourself from the competition by exploring new business models that will yield benefits to your company.


8 – Make your brand relevant

The most important reasons why you should consider creating your own mobile development are customer loyalty and remembrance. With all the noise out there: spectacular, billboards, posters, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, web banner, Facebook ads, and email marketing, we gradually lose our impact on customers due to the saturation of information around us. An App is a great opportunity to establish a true connection with your customers, and make them a loyal lover of your product or service.

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