Which mobile has the best camera?

The best camera phones can take amazing photos and videos, but which do you buy? The specs alone don’t tell the full story.


Which mobile has the best camera, which is the brightest screen, who has the best portrait mode … We constantly make comparisons of smartphones, but we do not talk so much about other aspects related to our mobiles, for example, what happens if we are Breaks or spoils. All brands offer an after-sales service that, hopefully, we will never have to visit. However, if a problem arises, our mobile will have to go through an “operating room” and here the quality of service is key to a happy ending.


During the last months, we have dedicated ourselves to test the repair services of some of the main mobile brands sold in Spain. To do this, we gather smartphones from different manufacturers and fake the same fault for everyone: the mobile does not turn on. From there we start the process and measure key variables such as the ease of finding the contact phone, the speed of response, the repair time or possible costs derived among others. How is the technical service of mobile manufacturers?

Test conditions

Before we begin the repair process of each manufacturer, we stop for a moment to list the conditions under which this test was performed. First, the mobiles that star in this article are from Web media partners or family members, that is, they are “real” mobiles and not loan units for analysis. In this way, the brands could not find out that it was us.


The objective of each one was to impersonate a “camouflaged” customer whose mobile has suffered a problem. As I said, the problem is common to all and is that the mobile does not turn on. We shuffled other possibilities such as breaking the screen or forcing some software failure, for example by installing another ROM, but finally, we opted for the simplest. Before sending each phone, we drain the battery completely to make it more credible (at least for the few minutes it takes to turn on after connecting it to the plug).


We gathered mobiles of different brands, we pretended to be a camouflaged customer and pretended a problem to send it for repair.

Before starting, we established that the procedure in all cases would be to send the mobile for repair. There are brands that offer the option of taking it to a nearby technical service, but as this possibility is not always available (there are cities that do not have, the user lives far away …) we make the decision to do it in this way that is always available. We also decided that, whenever possible, the contact would be made by phone and not chat or other methods.


A total of eight people have participated in this test. Also clarify that, due to the nature of the content, the realization of the article has lasted for more than nine months, so there may have been changes in the repair policy of some manufacturer. Finally, we consider it necessary to emphasize that we reflect on how our concrete experience has been, but the service provided may vary from case to case.

Points analyzed

In order to test the different services, a common script was followed in all cases consisting of the following points:


The search: here we value the ease of finding the contact method and the speed of response.

The contact: the response of the brand is taken into account; if they offer us solutions or make us dizzy with questions if they specify deadlines and give a lot of little information.

Shipping: requirements and details to send the package.

The repair: how long does it take until they identify the problem? How is brand feedback? Do they pass us a budget?

Result: total time from when we contacted until the mobile is returned, terminal status, cost if any, and general impressions.

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  1. The search

You have to go down to the end, but Xiaomi has the contact phone on the cover of its website, so locating it could not be easier. Of course, it is 902 and has a higher cost. We tried to find an alternative number but we didn’t find him.


  1. The contact

The first contact with Xiaomi was made by telephone on May 24. After describing the problem, they asked us if we had tried to charge the phone with another charger. Before our refusal, they did not continue asking us or asking for more checks, but they asked us directly for the order number.


As the terminal was under warranty, the operator offered us two options: send it for repair or request a full refund, after checking the mobile. Obviously, we choose the repair.

  1. Shipping

During the call, we were told all the details for the shipment: remove the SIM, keep it in the original box with all the accessories and include a paper with our phone number, address, name, IMEI number and description of the fault. From here, we were told that we would call the technical service to indicate the next steps.


We receive the call in just 24 hours. We had to send the mobile through Correos with the reference number provided to us. They also gave us a repair period of seven to ten days.


We sent the package on May 30 to Lenovo, the technical service located in San Sebastián de Los Reyes, Madrid. One detail to note is that, although we were told that the freight was covered by the entire company, when we arrived at Correos we were told that we needed a special envelope that cost one euro.


  1. The repair

Once the package was sent, we learned that the mobile arrived at its destination in 24 hours because in Correos they had provided us with a tracking number, but Xiaomi did not offer us feedback of any kind. In fact, the next contact we had with them was when the package arrived. The mobile arrived on June 5, six days after sending it.


  1. Result

The status of the terminal on the return was the same except for two details. Inside the package came a sheet saying that they had not found anything, but they updated the firmware, so they deleted all the content. They also removed the tempered glass protector he was wearing, although it is understandable that it is a common procedure when arriving at the technical service.


The entire process since the call was 13 days in total, of which we spent six days without the mobile, less than the minimum of seven days indicated by phone. There was no cost for the repair since it was covered by the guarantee, but we did have to pay the calls to 902 and the postal envelope, which in total totaled 5.89 euros.


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  1. The search

To locate the contact number we conducted a Google search that directed us to a secondary page within the Samsung website. Here, the company has several contact methods such as chat, email or phone.


In the telephone part, there are several numbers corresponding to the different areas of Samsung products, the one that interests us, in this case, is that of telephony, at the end of the whole. It is also a 902.


  1. The contact

The first contact occurred on June 11 in the afternoon and the response was immediate. We said that the mobile did not turn on and the operator asked us to perform some basic checks such as trying to turn on the mobile, try a new charger or remove the battery.


Seeing that there was no solution to the “problem” he offered to take the mobile to a nearby technical service. When we asked to send it or have it picked up, it didn’t give us any problems. In fact, they managed the collection themselves and even gave us a specific day and time (with a margin of 4 hours).


  1. Shipping

For the shipment, they asked us to put it in a box that was not the original, with the charger (the original, of course), a copy of the invoice and a note explaining the problem that the mobile had. We were also advised to save the device data and remove all accessories such as covers, screen protectors and also the SIM card. About shipping costs, Samsung takes over whenever the fault was not due to misuse of the terminal.


They came to pick up on Wednesday, June 13 at the established time, but due to our mistake, it was impossible to deliver, so the shipment was delayed until June 19.


  1. The repair

The technical service contacted us but it was impossible for us to answer the call at that time and they did not call again. Days later they called us from the quality department to conduct a survey on the quality of the service, but since we had no information about the repair, we could not make any assessment.


The mobile was returned on June 26, seven days after the pick-up. By the way, the technical service where the “repair” was performed was Lenovo, the same as Xiaomi.


  1. Result

The technical service updated the device software and replaced the battery with a new one. On the repair sheet, it indicated that the reason was that it was swollen, a detail that we had not noticed. Otherwise, the mobile is as we send it.


The entire repair process was 15 days in total, but it took longer than expected due to our fault, so it should have been about a week under normal conditions. Being under warranty, everything was free except for the call to 902 that cost us 4.4 euros (9 minutes).


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  1. The search

We went back to Google to find the contact phone successfully. Then we found a contact phone number that turned out to be the correct one, and in this case, it was a toll-free number.


  1. The contact

The first contact with Motorola occurred on June 4 in the morning. After exposing the problem, the only check we were asked was to try to turn it on with the power button and the volume down at the same time. We told them that it didn’t work and they told us directly that it should be sent for repair.


In order to request the repair, they asked us for the IMEI number and sent us an email with the shipping instructions. The repair period offered to us was 7 to 10 days.


  1. Shipping

We had to send the mobile, they did not come for him, and since it was not under warranty we had to take care of the shipping costs. The operator told us that the expenses are normally covered by the point of sale (in this case Amazon), but after two years have passed, they are not covered. They also told us that once valued by the technical service, they would pass us a budget that we could accept or reject.


To send it, the instructions tell us that no box is needed, just a padded envelope. Of course, we had to include the completed form, the IMEI number, and proof of purchase. We sent the mobile on Tuesday, June 5 at noon.


  1. The repair

Three days after sending it, on June 8, we received an email with the budget. The budget was 74.02 euros and the repairs that were proposed included a change of screen, headphone port, and battery, in addition to the workforce. We responded that the only problem we wanted to solve was that of (no) ignition but there is no possibility of having only one thing repaired, so we rejected the budget.


The terminal arrived on June 13 from the ICP Tech Solutions technical service in Meco, Madrid.


  1. Result

Having rejected the repair, the terminal arrived exactly the same as we sent it, nothing was modified or the factory data was restored. The entire process lasted eight days and the cost of shipping costs amounted to 6.40 euros.

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