Tips Keep Your Laptop Battery Working Like New

In modern times, it can be said that a home has at least one laptop or more than one. How to play a laptop, everyone knows. But really know how to look & prolong the battery life of the laptop not everyone knows. Some laptop battery has not been damaged in one year.

Some people say using a laptop while ‘charging’ the battery will make the battery life shorter and over time will damage the battery. There are also a few expert I.T. saying using a laptop directly without using a battery is a higher risk of damaging the laptop component. for example, in the event of a “Blackout” and an unstable electrical current, it will damage your motherboard and hard drive. In the event of a malfunctioning hard drive, our data is destroyed. The more expensive we have to pay the I.T specialist to repair the hard drive to secure our data. So, here, I’ll give you some tips for keeping your laptop battery.

Why the battery is damaged

1. Battery overcharged or overcharge.

2. Another possibility is to charge the battery while using a laptop.

3. The battery is not charged or used for a long time. when you put it on, it doesn’t work anymore.

Keep the Laptop Battery safe

Easy way to avoid Battery damage

1. It is advisable to charge your battery only when it has reached about 15%. Here, I encourage users to charge your battery by turning off your laptop so that it has enough power.

2. Don’t let your battery charge too long. Because it will reduce battery life. Often it will cause damage to your battery.

3. New battery – charge the battery for eight 8 hours provided there is no “ON” turn on your laptop. If the laptop’s battery signal already shows the full battery, continue the charge for up to eight hours. After 8 hours, remove the charger from the laptop, and ONLY use the battery and use the laptop until the battery is running low (15%). This will determine how much power can be stored in the battery. Later, you can charge the battery normally until the battery signal indicates the battery is full.

4. If you have not used your laptop battery for more than 3 weeks, be sure to keep at least 50% of that battery power.

5. Enable heat – Heat can reduce battery storage capacity. Do not use laptops on heat-sensitive surfaces such as cloths, cushions, leather, sofas, your thighs, blankets, mattresses, and others. Use a notebook cooling pad and make sure the surface you are using has no dust.

To avoid making mistakes that could cause your battery to break down.

If you encounter significant battery damage, our Infotech Computer Center will help you solve the problem.

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