Tips for keeping a battery you haven’t been told

Tips on battery maintenance

1) If your battery is new – Make sure your battery is completely empty the first time you use it.

2) Then, WITHOUT ‘on’ the laptop, charge the battery for eight 8 hours. If the ‘indicator’ on the laptop shows the full battery, continue the charge for up to eight hours. Remember, never ‘on’ your laptop at this time!

3) After eight 8 hours, remove the charger adapter from the laptop, and ONLY use the battery, use the laptop until the battery is running low. This will determine how much power can be stored in the battery.

4) After that, you can charge the battery as usual so that the indicator shows the battery is full

Habits to avoid

1) Avoid charging the battery regularly – Each laptop battery has around 300 to 500 charge cycles.
      Unplug the charger, use the battery power, and then use the back charger is one round. You are advised not to use the battery power completely. Leave at least 5% of the power available.
      It’s best to use the battery for an hour and then charge it back (this counts as one round).

2) Make sure your battery is fully charged every 30 rounds of charge. Then recharge. This will help restore the optimal power of the battery.

3) If you plan on not using the battery for more than 3 weeks, be sure to keep at least 50% of the power in the battery.
      If you leave it at full power, the battery will swell and will not save much more.
      If you do not store direct power, it is a concern that the battery cannot be recharged.

4) Avoid heat – Heat can reduce battery storage capacity. Do not use laptops on heat-sensitive surfaces such as cloths, cushions, leather, sofas, your thighs, blankets and others.
      Use a notebook cooling pad and make sure the surface you are using has no dust.

5) Avoid overcharging – Overcharging will cause heat and reduce battery quality. Unplug the charger when the ‘indicator’ is fully charged.

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