The 10 best educational applications (free) to learn on vacation

In some places in the world, the school year is over and finally, the holidays come with a lot of hours to laugh, play and, of course, continue learning in the most fun way. For this reason, we bring you a selection of the best applications for tablets and smartphones with which you can fill those moments:


 1. Khan Academy:

This application allows us to access more than 4,000 educational videos on different topics (math, chemistry, history …) The perfect place to review content that has not been clear to your children, consult that question I remain pending to solve and find the solution to that problem that resists them. Available for iOS and Android


2. DotToDot numbers & letters:


A simple and fun application for the smallest of the house with which they can practice the series of numbers or letters. The application can be customized (difficulty, level, music, effects …) to adapt it to the needs of small players. The most daring can face the clock and try to complete the series before time runs out. Available for iOS.

3. Dr. Panda’s restaurant:


With Dr. Panda, we will learn a lot of things about food, recycling, and animals while cooking fun dishes. The environment does not provide many clues so that discovery and trial-error is an important factor in this application. Also available a paid version with new recipes, for iOS and Android.

4. Tangram:


The tangram is a classic game originally from China which consists of creating figures and shapes using the 7 available geometric pieces. With this simple but entertaining game, observation, concentration, and spatial capacity are encouraged. Surely you can’t make just one game! Available for Android.

5. Moster Band: Board Games:


This App offers three game modes: Memory, Puzzles, and Contest. In each of them, different cognitive tasks are encouraged, such as observation, identification of colors and shapes, concentration and logic. All in an environment full of color. The application allows us to register as users with which we can add our photo and save the points that we get. Available for iOS.

6. Agnitus:


Agnitus is a simple but entertaining application designed especially for preschoolers. Perfect for recognizing colors, 2D shapes, letter recognition, counting and even starting with the stroke of the letters. Requires registration of the child and allows you to track your achievements. Available for iOS.

7. Mindomo:


This application is intended for the elderly and its main function is to create diagrams and mind maps. A useful tool to review concepts, create schemes and reinforce the knowledge learned during the year. If your children need to do some review, be sure to present this interesting application. Available for iOS and Android.

8. The jungle of Mario and Julia, Pato and the Spy:


The Mapfre Foundation presents two fantastic stories with which we can promote road safety with the little ones. This is “The jungle of Mario” intended for children from 3 to 5 years and “Julia, Pato and the Spy” for children from 6 to 8 years. Both stories are interactive, so don’t just limit yourself to reading aloud, but the little ones can help the protagonists of the stories while they learn about road safety. Available for iOS and Andriod.

9. Pepi Bath:


That we are on vacation does not mean that we can neglect hygiene habits. This application can help you with the little ones of the house not to lose the rhythm of things as every day as brushing teeth, hands, clothes … A good way to reinforce hygiene habits in a fun way. Available for iOS and Android.

10. Busuu:


And we finished our selection with the application of the well-known social network Busuu, which allows you to learn different languages ?? with the best teachers: native speakers of that language. In addition to having interactive courses and exercises, you can become a teacher of your language by registering in this community. The application is specifically for learning English, but applications for Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Polish are also available, in addition to many others on its website. Available for iOS and Android

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