What is a hybrid computer (system)

Definition – What will Hybrid pc mean?

A hybrid pc may be a kind of pc that gives the functionalities of each a digital And an computer. it’s designed to incorporate a operating analog unit that’s powerful for calculations, however contains a without delay obtainable digital memory. In massive industries and businesses, a hybrid pc is wont to incorporate logical operations further as offer economical process of differential equations.


The importance of computers in medical analysis has been long recognized. With the provision of the many medical instruments and recording devices, monumental quantity of knowledge is on the market in numerous forms. The analysis of physiological signals like ECG (ECG) and Electro-encephalogram (EEG) is extremely helpful from the clinical purpose of read. These signals possess an out sized quantity of hidden data concerning the physiological conditions of the connected organs. graphical record and EEG turn out differing types of patterns that the attention of the Dr. has by trial and error correlative with the necessary aspects of health. The computers use these relations and perform the analysis mechanically with larger exactitude and accuracy.

The acquisition, reduction and analysis of knowledge that result in final interpretation ought to be treated as one science task. conjointly since there’s Brobdingnagian quantity of physiological knowledge that is to be analysed on-line at intervals a brief time, special purpose computers serve terribly helpful purpose to try to to specific sorts of jobs. To optimize the performance with relevancy signal artifacts, speed and value, hybrid techniques usually lead to a stronger system.

Computer analysis of graphical record has been directed towards morphological and rhythm diagnosing. graphical record options square measure obtained clinically by getting records from electrodes placed at mere locations. a number of the necessary arrhythmia’s square measure detected and alarms square measure raised just in case any dangerous scenario arises. The cardiac arrhythmia pc represented during this paper may be a special purpose hybrid pc and may be a terribly helpful instrument for coronary care units.

EEG may be a advanced physiological signal requiring many sorts of analysis thus on be helpful for clinical use. Frequency domain analysis is that the most helpful and this paper describes a straightforward spectrum analyzer developed for the spectral analysis of EEG signals.

The involvement of pc in diagnosis can would like development of physiological knowledge loggers capable of process, recording and transferring physiological knowledge to the pc. AN interface that converts analog physiological knowledge into digital kind with taping and commutation facility at remote stations is additionally represented.

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