Cheap Laptop Repair Shop In Wangsa Forward

Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur comprises a large area with a large population. Today, the field of information technology is becoming more and more demanded. Maybe you as a laptop user already have problems with laptops and are looking for a cheap laptop repair shop in Wangsa Maju.

One of the most technologically advanced services that people need is laptop repair services. Looking at the glasses, there aren’t many laptop repair shops in Wangsa Maju that are really good and honest in terms of price as they usually put a very high price on laptop repair services.

Finding a cheap, affordable and high-quality laptop repair shop is essential in helping you solve the problem you are facing. You may be facing various laptop damage issues and looking for ways to fix it, here’s how to fix the malfunctioning laptop cases that are common to you.


Cheap Laptop Repair Shop in Wangsa Maju

Defective laptops need to be repaired and repaired properly to prevent any damage. Repairing a laptop is easy because you just need to send a laptop to the store and not have to spend as much money buying a laptop. You will save more, but the risk depends on the condition of your laptop and the laptop repair shop you choose.




FR Laptop Service Offers Cheap Laptop Repair Shops In The United Kingdom
FR Laptop Service is a Bumiputera company specializing in information technology and laptops running the laptop repair business. The FR Laptop Service is well known and believed by many as its affordable, quality and inexpensive service has gained a place in the hearts of netizens. For those of you who have any problems with your laptop being damaged or in need of formatting and want to check for laptop damage, you are welcome to use FR Laptop Service.


Difference FR Laptop Service With Other Laptop Repair Shop
The difference between FR Laptop Service and other laptop repair shops can be seen in terms of its own advantages and services. It differs in terms of your service, your advantages and your advantage as a consumer. Let’s look at all of these aspects.



FR Laptop service provides a comprehensive range of small parts to repair until large part handling and repair such as the motherboard and so on. In addition, FR Laptop Service also accepts all kinds of windows versions of laptops, computers, and Macbooks. Not all stores accept these types of laptops.


Runner’s Service

You may not have time to send your laptop to the store for repair and repair. With FR Laptop Service, you can use ‘pickup and delivery’ service. They themselves will come to your place to pick up the laptop for repair and send back your laptop once it’s repaired. Compared to other laptops with no runner, FR Laptop Service is easier and saves you time!

FR Laptop Service, You Need to Know

FR Laptop Service provides 6 types of services that you can use. All of these services are so comprehensive and comprehensive that you do not need to go to another laptop repair shop to repair your laptop


Hardware / Parts

FR Laptop Service is complete with a wide range of hardware and parts that can be used for all types of computer and laptop brands.



FR Laptop Service accepts all types of computers and laptops based on the operating system of the Windows version.



FR Laptop Service also offers software operating system fixing services, basic software for your use, license renewal for multimedia software and others for those experiencing software related problems.


Apple / Mac

FR Laptop Service also accepts all types of Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini based OSX version control systems. Many of you search for laptop repair shops that manage systems of all types of Mac and FR Laptop Service are the only ones.


Upgrade / Service

To avoid other problems, you can make improvements to your computer and laptop. FR Laptop Service provides RAM, HDD, SSD and all kinds of upgrades and services.

Other Services

You can contact FR Laptop Service to ask questions about your laptop, to check your laptop damage and other IT-based services. The FR Laptop Service is here to help you fix your damaged laptop.


You may also experience problems like this Software such as laptops is slowing down to hardware issues like motherboards. Do laptops get more and more viruses? Hot laptop and never serviced?


You Can Also Solve It By Formatting Laptops With FR Laptop Service In The Future
You can bring your laptop for formatting at FR Laptop Service. There are Windows options for you that range from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In addition, basic software is also provided to make it easier for you to do not need to reinstall. All of these processes are complete and you can get your laptop back within 24 hours.



Clean Dust Service

Clean dust service is available for those who want to clean the inside of your laptop as well as streamline your heat travel and laptop speed. This clean dust service will be ready within 24 hours. Additionally, you can also maintain a more efficient flow of heat on your laptop by using thermal paste. This process of clean dust and thermal paste will be completed within 24 hours.

In addition, other services such as motherboards, keyboards, screens and more are also provided. Whatever laptop problem you are facing, you can get service from FR Laptop Service.


How To Easily Repair A Laptop In Progress With The FR Laptop Service

Contact an Expert

You can contact an expert at 6017 288 2349 to find out about your laptop problem. They will help you solve your laptop problem.


Send Laptop

You can use a runner or walk into the FR Laptop Service Center to safely ship your laptop. The runner services provided can also be used to make it easier for you to stay away from or without a vehicle to their shop.



After sending your laptop, you can rest and relax and not worry because your laptop is no longer in trouble. FR Laptop Service has a skilled and experienced staff in solving your laptop problem.

Advantages of FR Laptop Service Cheap Laptop Repair Shop In Wangsa Forward

Various Repair Services

FR Laptop Service offers a wide range of high-quality computer repair services from Laptop, Desktop Computer, Mac and Windows. All the repairs made include screens, viruses, laggy computers, upgrades, data back-ups and more.



FR Laptop Service offers 5 months warranty. This means you are more profitable and profitable because there is no laptop repair shop that offers a warranty for a long time like FR Laptop Service.


2,700+ 5 Star Reviews

A total of 2700+ netizens on facebook gave FR Laptop Service a 5-star review. The 5 stars given are a sign that they are satisfied with the services FR Laptop Service offers. To your knowledge, 99% of customers are satisfied with the FR Laptop Service.


Cheap And Worthy

The price and cost for you to repair laptops and computers at FR Laptop Service are very cheap, affordable and well worth it. You will save more because FR Laptop service is very honest and helpful in helping you. The runner pickup and delivery service are well worth it.



FR Laptop Service Warranty

FR Laptop Service assures you that they use their services and are loyal to them. There are many guarantees that customers who have used FR Laptop Service can trust.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

You can get your money back 100% in the event of unwanted things like a damaged laptop and so on. Most of the time, this is never the case because FR Laptop Service is always the expert and expert in repairing your laptop.


Secure Laptop Home Security

FR Laptop Service is responsible for Sparepart your laptops because, in the process of repair involving spares, they are very careful and always make sure everything is going smoothly and securely.


Responsible for Mistakes

FR Laptop Service is solely responsible for the mistakes made by their employees during the repair process, the process of retrieval and delivery of laptops and more.


Location of FR Laptop Service

FR Laptop Service is very strategic in terms of location as you can go through MRR2 within the Kuala Lumpur area. You also do not have to travel long distances as they offer runner services that are affordable, fast, fast and cheap. For those of you who come to their shop on foot, you can park your car or motorcycle in front of the store as there is parking available.


Let’s Go to FR Laptop Service Store Cheap Laptop Repair Shop in Wangsa Maju
For those of you who live in the Wangsa Maju and surrounding areas, you can take a walk in person to the FR Laptop Service store to diagnose your laptop for free or use our runner service. By reviewing the damage to your laptop, you can bring it here for repair or contact the FR Laptop Service specialist to get the laptop retrieval and delivery service from their runner.

At very cheap and affordable prices, the high-quality laptop repair service makes FR Laptop Service worth it. Let’s use the FR Laptop Service!

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