ASUS ZenFone 5z The Best Parenting Device To Have So Far

This year was a positive year for ASUS as they came back with the introduction of several new smartphone models including the ZenFone Max Pro (M1), ZenFone 5, and ZenFone 5z. Many changes have been made this year. This is following feedback from previous users seeking changes to ASUS smartphones.

So, this time TeknoRatz will comment on the top model, the ZenFone 5z. What makes the difference between ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5z is the specification. The ZenFone 5 is in the middle class while the ZenFone 5z is in the top group. Tell us more about the ZenFone 5z, the first ASUS-released smartphone to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon-800 series chipset. In addition, it comes with attractive features such as premium exterior look, curved screen, dual camera, large memory, and several other features.


Purchase Set

1. Packaging box 2. Device 3. Protective case 4. Cable 5. Earphone 6. Eartip 7. Manual 8. Adapter 9. Ejector pin
Once you buy the ZenFone 5z, the box you will get is dark blue with gold writing. The power adapter supports fast-charging up to 18W or equivalent to 9V / 2A. It comes with a clear rubber glove.

Physical Appearance

The ZenFone 5z body is made of metal-based material along with glass panels. The lightweight also offers the trademark effect of reflective lighting on the back. Yes, if you notice that the phone looks a lot like the model under it, the ZenFone 5. There is no difference between the two models and we understand ASUS is just putting a gap between these two devices with different internal hardware.

right side (top image) and left side of the template
The voice button and the lock button are placed inline on the right side of the frame. Fixed feeds are not an issue we want to address. The required slots are located to the left of the body frame.

As always, the USB Type-C jack is located at the bottom along with the audio speaker and audio jack. Yes, the audio jack is still available for those who love to listen to songs using earphones. The specification paper shows this audio jack supports DTS Headphone X technology audio for better music experience.

On the main camera side, the camera module is vertically designed and removed from the glass panel. So, the back surface is uneven and for us, it still looks normal and awkward. In addition, the fingerprint scanner that is central to the swirling effect is built in parallel with the LED flashlight.


This part is an important factor in the selection of smartphones, so if you look at the screen you do not want to buy it. So, on the ZenFone 5z, it has an FHD + resolution display that supports DCI-P3 (color gamut). The advantage of this phone’s notch screen is that it comes with a high screen-to-frame ratio of 90% or in other words thinner bezel space. It’s just not full to the floor, so at the bottom, there’s a bit of chin space. However, that does not affect the physical appearance of the ZenFone 5z.

For us, ASUS-produced dimensions and screens are as eye-catching as they aren’t quite as low as some phones in the market. The side and top bezel are evenly arranged to make the front panel look balanced.

Internal Capability

We know you out there love phones that use processors made from Qualcomm. Undoubtedly the performance on the Snapdragon chipset has proven to be better in benchmark tests. The power supplied is also not as easy to generate as Intel-based chipsets like previous ZenFone models.

Tests show that the ZenFone 5z score in AnTuTu is higher than other smartphones

So does the score on Geekbench. Samsung and Google devices are lagging behind
So, for those of you still looking for the most powerful smartphone to date, the ZenFone 5z has the answer. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, the device also comes with large memory capacity. Starting with 6GB of RAM, you can get the ZenFone 5z with the highest variant of up to 8GB of RAM. As for storage, this device provides up to 256GB of space.

For us, this phone is ideal for gaming platforms because of its powerful internal specifications so far compared to other ASUS devices.

Additional Storage

Some of you also think 256GB is still not enough. Don’t worry because the ZenFone 5z provides memory card slots of up to 512GB. But, we don’t think 256GB of storage has been filled yet, you’ve switched to another smartphone.

Dual Camera AI

We think many people already know what AI is. It is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to identify the environment and adjust the picture more beautifully when the shutter button is pressed. To that end, ASUS has deployed the ZenFone 5z with dual AI cameras capable of capturing neat images like scenes, portraits, and self-portraits with real-time Beauty effects.

The camera interface offers several features besides supporting 4K video quality
For the second camera sensor, it offers 120-degree wide-angle lenses. It’s not a zoom-zoom phone, but it focuses more on those who love wide-angle images. The main camera sensors are powered by 4-axis, 4-stop technology capable of capturing more stable images in addition to the 3-axis electronic technology capable of reducing vibrations during video recording. The speed of the autofocus pixel dual sensor on this device has also been rated as the fastest in the world with a record speed of 0.03 seconds. Yes, after being told we were a little surprised at his ability.

Interesting info: The ASUS ZenFone 5z has been listed on the DxOMark chart with a score of 93 for photography after the Apple iPhone 8.

Selfie Camera

ZenFone 5z has a special app called Selfie Master. There are several categories to choose from including Camera, BeautyLive, Collage, Slideshow, ZeniMoji
The ZenFone 5z is also equipped with an 8MP sensor with Beautification features. This feature offers five options to choose from to suit your preferences. In our opinion, this option is not widely offered on devices out there. So, for those of us who are not very passionate about photography, this feature is more than enough.


ZenUI 5.0
The Android 8.0-powered ZenFone 5z also comes with a ZenUI 5.0 interface. The interface is now more sophisticated and easy to manage without bloatware (unnecessary applications) and user-friendly.

ZenFone 5z is loaded with AI features
The AI Boost feature, for example, can be activated while performing benchmark tests to obtain high score scores. Other AI features are also extended to other areas including sound tones, smart flashes, suggested apps, and the charging process. For example, if you want to sleep at night but want to charge a smartphone, the AI Charging feature will protect batteries from heat through charging learning by adjusting the incoming power rate.


The charging process takes a little while
Although it comes with a large body, the battery on this device is not as good as expected. Powered by a 3,300mAh battery, it can last all day. The fast charging process only takes 1 hour 30 minutes or 90 minutes.

Image Results

HDR on

With AI

With AI

Focus closest

HDR and focus

Dark photo with LED flash

Twilight photo

84-degree standard angle

120-degree mode

Bokeh mode

Selfies with AI

Selfies without AI

TeknoRatz’s opinion

For use with a starting price of RM1,899, it is truly the most affordable master smartphone to date. Remember, the chipset used is Snapdragon 845, 6GB RAM! If Xiaomi has Mi MIX 2S, it is actually more expensive although the specifications offered are almost identical. We think if you’re out there looking for high-quality phones but want to save, what’s wrong with making ZenFone 5z a wishlist.

Oh yes, one of the things that really interests us about the ZenFone 5z is its audio system. To be honest, to date, this stereo speaker is the best we’ve ever heard for smartphones in its class. High bass sound, the treble sound is also very sharp. When you power the speaker to the maximum, we feel as if this phone has a power amp. Shake hands. Of course, the entertainment experience we had was very enjoyable.


balanced front panel design

a touch of premium design

the display screen is clear and sharp

lightweight body

2.5D glass panels protected by Corning Gorilla Glass

the attractiveness of color

self-portrait mode

the very fast autofocus camera

fast charging

operating system

speed in multi-tasking activities

Disadvantages –

No wireless charging

Not waterproof and dust resistant

Use a hybrid slot instead of a separate card slot

Comes with two color options only

Small capacity battery

No IR Blaster (controller)

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